TJ100 Turbojet

Newly developed TJ 100 engine is designed for wide range of civil and military applications, such as UAV's,UCAV's or target drones.
Civil version can be used as a drive unit for gliders, ultralights or experimental aircraft. The TJ 100 is certified for civil applications according
to JAR-E. Main advantage of the engine is compact design, small size, excellent thrust to weight ratio and complete equipment for
operation including FADEC control system. Integrated 800 W generator and consumption 1.2kg/daN rank this unit
among top products in this category.

Engine Description:
TJ 100 is single-shaft engine with single-stage radial compressor, annular combustion chamber, single-stage axial turbine
and stationary exhaust jet. In the compressor intake is a brushless starter generator, which enables the starting from an onboard power source
and generates 800W of electrycity during engine operation.

TJ100 Specification-

Static Thrust = 100 daN, 225 lbf
Specific Fuel Consumption 1.2 kg/ 1.2 lb/
Oil Consumption = 180 ml/hr = 0.16 qt/hr
Electric Power Output 28 V/800W 28 V/800W
Weight - Engine 16 kg 35 lb
Weight - Engine with Accessories 19 kg 41 lb
Outside Diameter 272 mm 10.7 in
Length 485 mm 19 in
Fuel Consumption < 128 kg/hr < 281 lbs/hr
Max Running Altitude 8 000 m 26 246 ft
Fuel Types JET A, JET A-1, JET B
Oil Types MIL-L-23699