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My name is Ian Bennett and welcome to my Gas Turbine Engine collecting, building and operating home page. The gas turbine was one of the greatest inventions of the last century, it is a unique and fascinating power plant. It is simple in its basic operation yet immensely complicated to design and build. Gas turbines come in all shapes and sizes and range from miniature model aircraft units to the awesome GE90. This website is principally a celebration of small engines capable of producing up to 250 BHP, these are often referred to as APUs (Auxiliary Power Units). Many small stationary gas turbine engines have been built over the last 50 years or so, these engines may be considered collectable in a similar way to their reciprocating brothers.

Small gas turbines are ingenious and intricate mechanical devices which have been fabricated to the highest mechanical standards and lowest tolerances. To collect and operate small gas turbines is to fully appreciate their precision nature and varied characteristics. The rich and complex sound of a spooling turbine cannot be compared to any other power plant.

Gas turbines for collecting or hobby uses fall into three distinct categories, firstly there are commercially produced engines which take the form of industrial or aerospace units. These engines are the most common form of gas turbine a subset of which are APUs or stationary small power plants, it is this type of engine that is the main focus of this the main focus of this website.

A second form of gas turbine engine can be constructed by making use of a complete automotive turbo-charger unit, it is possible to add a combustion system to an otherwise virtually unmodified turbo to create a cheap and simple demonstration gas turbine. A third category of small gas turbine is the model aircraft propulsion engine. Miniature gas turbines may be fabricated from scratch or make use of components taken from turbo-chargers. In the last 10 years or so there has been much development of this type of turbine, engines can now be purchased new, built from kits or made from published plans.

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2013 Jet Reaction Land Speed Motorcycle

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Rolls Royce Classic Turbojet Engine The Derwent Mark 8 running in 2007

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Rover TJ125 Minijet (Lucas CT3201) from Epervier X5 Drone IN Action!!!!!! + NEW! Epervier X5 Drone Info

Jet powered bed built for the BBC Whizz Whizz Bang Bang show! VIDEO HERE!


JETII: NPT301 Powered Go-Kart

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Justin Woolgar’s RB211-22B

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Capstone C30 Micro gas turbine supplied to Warwick University hybrid vehicle power train laboratory

Alternative fuel and combustion research test rig

RR Gnome H1000 restoration

Microturbo Saphir test bench restoration

At last!  The World has been waiting a long time; A small gas turbine for light aircraft propulsion manufactured by a CZ company PBS Velka Bites

Another power plant for light aircraft the Price Induction DGEN380 small turbofan. All electric accessories and FADEC control easy handling and reduced costs. A new generation engine for a new generation aircraft the “Personal Light Jet” (PLJ).

IHI Dynajet 2.6   A portable micro gas turbine generator set developed by the Japanese company IHI. 2.6Kw single-shaft recuporated gas turbine engine driving high speed alternator at 100,000 rpm. Output 100V 26A, fuel Jet A1 or Kerosene.


Combustor…………………..single can with atomizer

Turbine………………………radial inflow

Layout………………………single shaft direct drive

Fuel system…………….electric pump

Fuel type………………….Jet A1

Oil System………………electric pump

Oil type…………………..synthetic 3.9ct

Accessories…………….direct drive alternator

Movie  More………

We are proud supporters of  “Huey509” UK based classic flying Bell UH1H ex-Vietnam helicopter. Many thanks to Phil Connolly and the team for a memorable flight over the Lancashire countryside! See    Video here

Big and small; The mighty RR RB211 and the small the BMW/RR (formally KHD) T312. The T312 formed the heart of the Tournado GR4 aircraft Secondary Power System (SPS). This small 140HP SINGLE SHAFT engine drives aircraft accessories, provides starting power through a special clutch and also a bleed air supply.

Garrett GTC85 Air Start  Movie

Garrett GTCP85-115 BAC1-11 APU  Movie



2015 Spring Crank Up - The mighty RB211 see youtube

New 2016:  RR Adour Starting and Instrumentation Project

Jet Powered Beer Cooler - Air Cycle Machine (ACM) Cold Air Unit (CAU)

Youtube Test Video Here

2016  Microturbines

And Range Extenders TREVs

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